ben gabel

I really enjoy designing and making with wood – at all scales.

The BArn and workshop

I designed this in 2014 and built it over the next couple of years this the assistance of my friend Ian, starting with whole trees, which were milled on site. 
It includes a workshop and teaching space as well as a cellar.
Materials: 64 tons of Douglas Fir and Larch timber, 200kg of nails.

Now a well-equipped wood and metal workshop on the ground floor. Mains electrical power for the barn and workshop equipment is from a solar power system I also designed and installed.

Art Nouveau bench

I have a fondness for Art-Nouveau design and architecture, and this was a project to combine the flowing style with a more substantial construction suitable for a daily-use kitchen bench, whilst retaining a sense of organic movement.

Local wood processed on-site from logs.

Transforming table

For “Cinderalla” at Theater Gwuan, a table that unfolds into a flight of stairs, with the legs becoming balustrades.

Antique drawer restoration

New wood scarfed in  (left unstained to highlight the repair) and crushed velvet liners added.


An oak circular table was used as raw materials to create enclosed worktables; the sides prevent small components escaping.