scenic props

melissa pettitt

On Lands Edge festivals 2021 & 2022

A new festival in 2021 of stories of the sea and coast.
  Melissa designed and created the whale and bush-skewered mackerel to accompany the opening performance of recital and soundscape, inspired by the readings from Moby Dick and legends of a storm that threw fish out of the sea onto thorn bushes.

Construction from willow and tissue for lightness; the whale was demountable into two halves for transport.

Lighting design and projection by Andy Sturley from the Torch Theater.

The fish were constructed from tissue, willow, and stripped buddlia bushes painted white.

After the event, the Whale was subsequently installed at Tregwynt Manor

On Lands Edge festival 2022

We returned to the project again, this time with curlews and giant sunflowers