costume design

 melissa pettitt

mushroom costume

For Burning Moon festival. Ultra-lightweight construction using tissue and Fossshape-600, with feathers, lace and silk.
Sound-reactive controller and LED lighting.

the shade of sleep

In performance at Herofest.

Textiles, willow, tissue, foam, found materials, led lighting for night-time use.

Firebird head-dress

pheasant feathers, leds and papier-maché, with faux-fur capelet.

Ritual Healer

The Mouse and His Child

Designs for characters from the stage adaptation of Russell Hoban’s classic book

Grimm's tales

the old woman/lichen designs were later constructed as a technical exercise, illustrated below.

Lichen , Old Woman of the Wood

Further development, including a mask based on a life-cast,
in order to experiment with light-weight foss-shape thermosetting wadding.

materials: foss-shape, felt, textiles

wicked queen

for ‘Snow White’, Fishguard Pantomime.
Scenic design and painting also by Melissa.