A collaboration between two designer-makers who love to create unusual and wonderful things for performance.

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Melissa Pettitt

Melissa is our lead designer, sculptor and artist – a performance designer-maker specialising in prop creation, sculpting, design and illustration.  She likes combining unusual materials for problem-solving, with an emphasis on a fine finish to props and costume-props in a short timeframe.

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ben gabel

Ben is a mechanical designer and maker with a degree in Natural Sciences, driven by a love of finding cunning solutions to interesting problems. One of the founding directors of the UK’s well-known heritage seed company ‘Real Seeds’, he spends part of his time each week running the company.  The rest of his time is spent designing and making things. He has an eclectic mix of constructional and engineering skills ranging from carpentry and metalwork through acting, LARP, ceramics, graphic design, electronics, puppetry and CAD, and is made most happy by finding a practical technique from one area that can be applied to another in unusual ways.

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