Street theater

melissa pettitt

RSPB Avocet street puppets

Melissa was on the team of artists working produce Andrew Kim’s  three large street puppet Avocets for the charity RSPB, for the countrywide marches in support of the COP26 climate convention.

We were both then were part of the team of puppeteers for the Avocet that went to Cardiff.

Dragon for aberjazz festival 2021

Melissa was commissioned to to produce the AberJazz  Dragon street puppet to open and close the AberJazz 2021 festival (and again in 2022); this is taken around and through the town, chasing people and entering shops, generally causing good-natured mischief.
It needed to be extremely light for ease of opeation, so construction was mainly of willow , eva foam and ripstop nylon, operated by two to four puppeteers.

Many thanks to Karel at JasperPhotography for permission to use her photos.